Photography: Peibie Wang

Photography: Peibie Wang

The Artist and the Art

Born July 13, 1992, Weihai, Shandong, China
Graduated High School, 2011
BFA Studio Art, Nazareth College of Rochester, Anticipated 2016



We do not live in the past or future. We only live in the present. Yet the dissatisfaction with the past haunts us. The fear of the future frightens us. We are often distracted from the present moment. A fragmented mind can not dive into the moment of its own life. A fragmented mind does not live with its whole spirit. When the mind is dislocated from its present, its expressions are unrevealed. A scattered mind needs an anchor to center it.

My works demonstrate a wide variety of movements. Movements have four layers: 

Movements can engage with the body and exaggerate the innermost expression revealed through the body. 

Movements can disturb people from dissociation to the present moment, thus bringing back mindfulness. 

Movements, actions, changes - the uncertainty - is the only certainty. 

Life is a series of movements, therefore movement is the essence of life.