Copper with Fire and Water

        The idea of this video is to represent mainly about how the copper change it’s shape and color affected by fire and water.

        While I was doing metalsmith, The metal have very distinguish and differentiable expression including color, softness, expansion and brightness. But a finished jewelry usually only present only one of them. Usually only the finished one. I want to preserve and represent the interesting metal behaviors during these process. Inspired by Bill Viola’s piece the Cross, I found video is a perfect media for my context. I took his idea of showing similar but different video together and use of water and fire and produced this video

        Strip format and silence separated my subject from most of the environment element that I don’t need. For the first part, It’s three videos playing simultaneously in the three section. This allows each section to be observe as a separate piece. But the second and third part of the video it’s only on video playing so that it’s more connection and presented the impact of water on metal and metal on water more directly.