This is my Réca series. The idea of this series of three videos is to show movements in the darkness. Darkness here is representing a feeling of loneliness, nevertheless it is not as negative as we normally interpreted.
        The transformation from out of focus to clear focus fits the process that we learn and understand unknown. Darkness limited the environment and enhanced what’s left. The slowness was designed to help people to recognize micro-movements that might otherwise unnoticeable. I use repetition to enhance the feeling of ”Someone is coming”.
        I created a unidentifiable character to represent strangers. She is in different places and different postures. Whether she is waiting or wondering or just chilling is ambiguous. I expect my audience to wonder about the identity, location and attitude at the beginning. Some may found it’s almost a horror or threaten. But later on they will find it is not like that but actually playful and fun.
        We people living in the world but is not common for us to point out how the very exact moment that is passing and what really happen in it. I made this video to represent my understanding on this issue.

Part 1 Réca 1/1

Part 2 Réca 1/2

This is a shortened and edited version from my Réca: 1/1 video. It's the Part 2 of the 3 in my Réca series. I put more emphases on the surreal feeling and playful movement in it.

Part 3 Réca 1/4

This is a further shortened and edited version from my Réca: 1/2 video. It's the Part 3 of the 3 in my Réca series. This video eventually doesn’t have the part that saying ”Someone is coming” but only the part that’s playful and relax.